FAOGC Angono Short History... since 1989... A New Beginning, A Retrospect!

There are beautiful things that can come out from bad things. Furthermore, we should not despise small beginnings. These two things summarized FAOGC Angono. In 1989, a medical mission happened in Roman Reyes Compound under the auspices of PHCM (Phil. Health Care Ministry) led by Dr. John Balickoswky. Pastor Zaldy Dator is the pioneering pastor. In doing follow up, he held bible studies every Saturday at Angono Cockpit Arena(sabungan) and many family including the care taker and vendor in that sabungan.

As the bible study grew in numbers, Pastor Zaldy Dator looked for a place where they could build a permanent place of worship. In 1990 they found a place (the present location of FAOGC) in 235 EdenVille Subd. San Isidro, Angono, Rizal. It was missionary Rev. Dwight Palmquist who helped FAOGC to purchased this 368 square meters lot. This church was a receipient of AGMF Barangay Church Building Project, then was led by Rev. Steve Long. Pastor Bobby Santos and some members from Abundant Life AG in Marikina City, assigned by Rev. Cesar Papa, who was the Sectional Presbyter, and Rev. Anacleto P. Lobarbio was the District Superintendent, respectively during that years. Because they need someone who was an ordained minister to pastor a church in Angono, Rizal, Pastor Bobby Santos and Team from Marikina were recalled back to Marikina and Rev. Rick T. Alay was assigned officially on June 1992. Since then up to the present, Pastor Rick Alay had lead the FAOGC from 18-25 members in attendance up to what is now today. Even the building that formerly looks like a garage or a ‘junk shop’ as bypassers used to say then. At present FAOGC had 2 daugther churches, one in MednaVille in Botong Francisco Ave. Upland Angono lead by Pastor Tim Holanda, and Peace Church AG in San Roque, Antipolo City lead by Pastor Victor Umadhay.

Last 2006, FAOGC had transitioned to Cell Church System, through G12 Vision, though they did not grew exponentially, but they grew hundred percent, and they had 24 small cellgroups and growing. FAOGC is on going on its discipleship training program through PEPSOL under the Ladder of Success.